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A man sized target at 125 yards 25 out of thirty is doable with a handgun; slow aimed fire.

Now, doing this after being "wounded" with the possibility of return fire is a bit of a game changer. And one would assume that a sniper would not be standing upright there just taunting a pair of 1911 wielding opponents, even at 125 yards.

About every time that I go out shooting, I set up tin cans and clays out to 125 yards specifically for handgun shooting. My 10" gong at 100 yards is not much of a challenge. And for those that "poo-poo" longer distance handgun shooting and say that it is just so much internet bravado, watch Hickok45 on youtube/1911 at 230 yards:
And realize that there are many other folks who also practice longer range shooting with handguns.
And really does anyone expect reality in an adventure novel?
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