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I was taght by my grampa. He gave me a few tidbits of "Old Dude Wisdom" (The kind aquired by a guy that survived to be that old. For situations of road rage.

1 Try to avoid offending people.
2. Avoid yelling, and horn honking excessively if someone per say cuts you off or such.
3. Do not stop if you can avoid it. Keep driving.
4. If you can not keep driving stay in the car, and keep an eye on the person. If they are out of the car. Try to drive away without running over them if you can.

My tidbits in there. I carry on body except when driving. I am a lefty shooter, and the door interferes with my ability to draw. I keep the gun ready to fire in console, and can shoot it well right handed as well. If an act of agression like the other guy showed happend to me I would have driven away. If he followed I would have called 911 told the situation to the dispatcher, and where I was, and was planning on driving to so that the police could intercept. If not I would have had 911 on the phone as soon as the guy was out of the car.

Though hind sight is 20/20. I have dealt with a road raged person, and had to present my carry gun. The other person left. A bystander saw what was going on and called police. I waited there for them, and explained the situation. They checked my CHL told me I did the right thing, gave me my gun back. They wished me luck on my fishing trip that I was on my way to.
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