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Ok I am a sworn law enforcement officer and in my opinion everything he did was correct. First he called 911 and identified that he was the victim. When we are dispatched to a call for service it is the dispatcher that tells me what was reported and by whom. The dispatcher is my lifeline if you don't think his or her opinion is important then you are very wrong. To be honest it's all in how you report it. In other words when I get to him to take his report if he is visibly shaken then I note that in my report. If he is standing there telling me he knows BJJ and Krav Magaw and could have taken that guy then I’m going to ask why he displayed a firearm if he was not in fear for his life. Remember repeat after me; I was in fear for my life and I did what was necessary to survive the situation and be prepared to explain why you were in fear for your life.
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