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EMP and Pro CDP II

Last Saturday, I had a chance to fire my two latest handgun purchases. Thought I'd report on them, though no real surprises. All of my shots were standing from appriox. 10 yards. I didn't measure any of my groups.

Springfield EMP - Pretty much as advertized, a pleasure to shoot. There were no failures to feed and no failures to eject. However, 5-6 rounds out of 50 did not fire on the initial primer strike. They did, however, fire on second or third attempts. I was using S&B 115 gr. cartridges. I'll bet that my CZ 75 PCR would have fired them all on the first try, but the primers may have been a bit hard for the EMP. I ran a few Federal cartridges through with no problems. Most shots grouped high, but I'm not ready to say it was the pistol yet. It was probably me getting used to the sights. Thumb safety and trigger were smooth.

Kimber Pro CDP II - Once again, pretty much as advertized, a pleasure to shoot. I didn't perceive less recoil than with the Ultra CDP II. There were no failures to feed and no failures to eject. I was using Federal American Eagle ammunition. As mentioned above, I didn't measure groups, but IIRC, the first group I fired had four out of seven touching. Shows real potential.

All in all, a great day! Also had an opportunity to shoot my CZ 527 M1 American in .223. Sweet, although I'm not fond of the bolt handle angle, as it makes scope use a bit of a hassle. If you have one, you know what I mean.
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