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Atlantic Ocean may ruin reloads

Given a few hundred rounds that were drowned by hurricane Sandy salt water surge, so research was called for to determine if salt water can run ammunition.

First conclusion: yes it does.

Methodology: rinse in fresh water (get the green stuff off), wipe, dry. Head to the range and shoot it up. About 200 rounds with 45% no bang and one squib.

Cartridge: .38 special.

Second conclusion: lime green colored stuff indicates leaching of lead styphnate and resultant primer damage and no bang.

Third conclusion: pull the bullet, pop out primer, clean and reload.

Fourth conclusion: throw out the entire batch of salty ammo.

Next project will determine if commie cartridges suffer the same level of Atlantic Ocean ruination. A few hundred 7.62 X 54 require the same testing as above. A plus is no light green stuff on the commie ammo.
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