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Viktor, I just had the same issue. I discovered my shell holder accumulated quite a bit of dirt/dust.

When I slid the brass in to shell holder to start reloading, the dirt/dust obstructed the brass from sliding fully into the holder. This not only caused that little scrape that you see on pic 1, but after I seated the bullet and crimped it, there was oh-so-slight bulge on one side of the brass as well. All because the brass was not fully slid into the shell holder.

Take a toothpick/paper towel and clean your shell holder to see if that resolves your issue. It resolved mine.

Oh, and for the Lee Factory Crimp Die? My FCD also caused a few scrapes like pic 1 as well, so I bought the Lee Taper Crimp Die and swapped them out. I haven't had one issue with the new Taper Crimp Die. And like your dies, I didn't have burrs or anything else wrong with them either.

Good luck - I hope you resolve your issues!


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