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Legality questions for sound suppressors.

Hello, I've been researching about various sound suppressors for my rifles and was wondering about registration of said NFA devices.

As I understand it, you must pay a $200 tax stamp and go through all the checks and so on as well as a 6-12 month waiting period to purchase/mount a sound suppressor to your chosen firearm.

Now, I'm not 100% sure on this part, the suppressor itself is considered the NFA item, not the firearm that it is being mounted to. So, this means, so long as I have a firearm that has the ability to accept it, I can mount said suppressor to any rifle of my choosing so long as I can prove that I indeed have permission to own said sound suppressor (Proper form 1(?) and so on)

Can someone please clarify? I would hate to have to go out and purchase a new sound suppressor for each rifle I plan on owning.
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