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not necessarily.

it all has to do with the type of parts used as well as the quality of the parts.

you can have the highest quality barrel available but if it's a 1 in 9 twist it's not going to be able to stabilized heavier bullets(about 65GR). similarly a 1 in 7 twist barrel may be too fast and destabilize lighter bullets so a 1 in 8 is a great choice for all around shooting but still may not be the best with ultra heavy or ultra light bullets but with average bullet weights(55-67) it's a great choice.

a lot of high end ARs come with 2 stage match triggers but that is not a prerequisite for high price tag and anyone can drop a $100 trigger upgrade into a $600 DPMS and drop it down from 1.75 MOA accuracy to 1 MOA.

a lot of high end ARs come with free floated tube or rail handguards but that is also not a prerequisite. you can put a free float handguard on a $600 DPMS and drop accuracy from 1.75 MOA to 1.25 MOA.

those three features are what affect your accuracy the most and even a budget brand AR15 can be accurized and shoot just as well as a high budget brand. the differences are resale value, fit+finish, and overall appearance, if you would rather have cheap but functional than pretty and polished then get a Palmetto State or DPMS budget rifle and accurize it. if bragging rights is what you're after get a Larue Tactical or Seekins Precision and call it a day.
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