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gunbot for March

Over the last month there has been a slight downward trend on the 5.56/.223 prices also. Also the list of stocking vendors is slowly growing.

Over the same period, 5.56x39 has shown up at that price several times. One of the local stores has a good supply of that and 7.62x54r in spam cans. They did not sell out of those. change that I have noticed. .45acp and 357 Sig are both showing up for better prices over that same time period. The list of vendors for the latter have been growing, but no noticeable change on 9mm.

.380 auto and 9x18 mak have occasionally been available.

Was cracking jokes about 22lr "golden bricks", aka 525 round bricks for $100. That seems to have been optimistic. Better to save dollars than buy 22lr ammo, even at current effectively negative interest rates.
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