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took a couple pics of a few of my old S&W's with the "new" camera

thought you might enjoy...

This one is a S&W #1.5 chambered in 32 S&W... Lord only knows when the conversion work was done, but the barrel was shortened, & a wider "coin" front sight installed, & the barrel was re-nickeled... this was done long enough ago, that the patina matches on both the frame & barrel & appears as if in original condition... I love this gun, & even carry it sometimes... I purchased the 70's Gil Scotty grips separately, as well as some surplus nickel S&W medallions, & added them to the gun, to save the perfect original hard rubber grips

This is a S&W #1.5 in 32 S&W, with a perfect set of S&W "red" grips, with original barrel length

This one is a looong barrel S&W #2 in 38 S&W, that I added a perfect pair of original S&W MOP grips to... I'm thinking about sending this one to Ford's refinishing to get a high grade blue job, to highlight the grips...

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