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SVT 40 range report

Took the 1941 Tula example of Tokarev's Thunderstick to the mountains yesterday, and had a whole lot of fun shooting 150 rounds of Czech silvertip ammo through it.

Initially, the front sight post, which like the SKS, can be elevation adjusted by screwing it in or out to effectuate elevation, was screwed all the way in. Incrementally I got it lined up and perfect for elevation.

Then comes learning how to properly feed rounds using the stripper clips. This was not so difficult, but the clips eventually got sloppy, which makes it more challenging. Once the technique is learned, I was pretty proficient.

Then we set clays all over the hillside at various distances, and shot at an old stump about 300 yards away. We hit the stump regularly, and the clays never had a chance. Then we began hammering at a 500 yard stump. We could see the bullet splashes, and the rounds were impacting in the vicinity of the stump, however I could not see well enough to tell if they were impacting the stump directly, and did not make the walk out there to verify hits. It was great fun though.

I learned that I would not like to be within 500 yards of someone shooting this rifle with malevolent intent...

Was a wonderful day in the woods with friends. To me, it is the joy I feel from a day like this that makes firearms ownership important.
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