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I have my milsurps on a the same type rack posted in the link above, the adjustable pegs allow for a lot of versatility... for example, I have a B Square sniper mount on my Garand, & used a pair of longer pegs for that rifle, as the mount puts the scope offset to the side, to allow the use of the spring clips...

once I get the inside of my safe room completed, I'll be adding engraved brass plates to my racks, to identify the gun & calibers

I started out putting my handguns on those racks, but modified to a new style... my Contenders & barrels will mount on a rack similar to the rifle racks, but will used a smaller plastic coated steel peg, that will fit in the pivot pin hole of the extra barrels, so my barreled actions & spare barrels will fit on the same rack

BTW... MRS "2nd" shoe "closet" is still under construction
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