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Something that might help you out and maybe you have already implemented this technique is to develop a log book.

Start at you zero, lets use 100 yards for that. Zero your rifle and chart it along with Barometric Pressure, time of day, temp, wind (and direction in relation to gun and target), Humidity, and elevation. Make sure you have zeroed the scope at this time, it will help you in coming back to your original zero.

Next move back to 150 and shoot again. Chart the drop. Then chart the number of clicks MOA/MIL it takes you to get back to zero at 150 yards.

Now repeat the procedure again at 200 yrds, 250 yrds, 300 yrds, and all the way out to a grand if you so choose to.

By the end of the procedure you will have an accurate DOPE for your rifle.
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