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I have a Model of 1917 Eddystone on the way in with a JA barrel (my first JA barrel so thats going to be a twist if you will or won't pardon the pun)

After that, it will be another 1917 0f one variety or the other.

The old guns are fun to shoot. And amazing you can shoot groups with them that the newest and best stuff is hard put to match. Last outing the 1917 had 6 shots at 1 1/4 at 100 yds (yep, I had one really wild flyer out of a cold barrel and the next go around will touch off a couple of surplus rounds to heat up the barrel). Not to many sporting guns can hang onto more than a 3 shot group (nor do they need to or should they, but.....)

The new guns may be lighter and synthetic and...... but there sure is nothing like lighting off a 1903 or a 1917 (my shoulder prefers the 1917s!)
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