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Maybe I can add a bit more. AS FA stands for ASkari FAbrika (Army Factory); Ankara (the capital of Turkey) is the location of the factory. The markings were put on when the rifle was updated for Turkish service. I suspect the T.C. was there but was removed when the rifle was gunsmithed in the U.S.

The maker was Ludwig Loewe. I can't read Arabic either, but the six pointed stars were a Loewe trademark. In spite of many references to "Turkish Mausers", no Mauser receivers were made in Turkey as they never had the tooling. They could, and did, rework and rebarrel millions of rifles, as Jim Watson says.

.257 Roberts is an excellent cartridge. While somewhat dated, it still has thousands of fans. It is essentially a necked down 7x57 and reloaders should keep to that approximate pressure range (40-45k psi). It is quite OK in an 1893 action if that rule is followed; it makes a good low recoil deer cartridge, and will do for varmints as well.

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