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Browning BAR accuracy

I have (3) Browning BARs... a Safari Grade 7mm Mag, a Short-Trac Stalker.308 and a Short-Trac Stalker .270. The 7mm Mag has a B.O.S.S. (set at 6.5). I consistently get less than 3/4 MOA with the 7MM Mag, but get between 1.5" and 2" with the other two guns. My recommendation would be to get a B.O.S.S. if possible. All my guns have Leupold scopes. The Safari grade has a Leupold VX-III, 4.5x14x. The other two are Leupold VX-II, 3.5x10x. There are a couple of other variables that may come into play with the Safari grade versus the other two...slightly less weight, a little longer barrel. The result is a dead-on bone collector that shoots as well as a great bolt action with the benefit of quick followups and very soft kick (it is loud though).
I've been hunting for 38 years and have never knocked a scope bad enough to put it off center. I think the chance of anyone knocking their scope out is pretty slim, but I always have a spare gun just in case (chance favors the prepared). Even if it's a shotgun with slugs, it'll keep you in the game if the worse happens.
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