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I think the love or hate thing results, at least in part, from Taurus' hit or miss QC. Most guys who buy a pistol aren't armorers or hobby gunsmiths; so when they get a gun that won't run, they are rightfully PO'ed.

This pistol is a case in point. If it had been sold to someone else and they tried to shoot it with the bad magazine, many would have been cussing it on every internet resource they have access to. Others would have read their complaints, repeated them and still more would have been negatively influenced. That magazine was difficult to load from Round 1, it choked at least every other shot and it was difficult to unload live rounds from. The company 'batted 500' on magazine quality, with this particular gun... great for baseball, but not great for generating satisfied firearms customers.

I hope your PT145 is as good as this one appears to be.
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