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The figures you have shown there are very interesting. I just tried the calculator and it'll be a very handy tool to get used to. Bullet drop is very interesting. The funny thing is I had a discussion with my dad already about the zero range and a wee bit of a disagreement because I always hold my 308 zero at 2" high on bull @100yards. My idea was it gave me a closer to zero @200 and I was right ...With my 150 gr Nosler it would be 1/2" low @200. 3" low at 300 which is a totally manageable shot for me with full confidence of a killing shot minus the wind of coarse ...Out at 600 yards its only 13" drop which is amazing really .....its nothing really and 600 yards is a long shot....

I think I'm going to get out in the field and fill some balloons up with chalk dust, blow them up to a 8" dia and tie them out at 100 yard increments and put this to the test. If I can hit an 8" balloon at 400 yards I'm on the money....Then I'll bring a windy day in on paper and see how it goes.
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