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note to NEW SHOOTER : for the most part the fine people on this board are traditionalist and will not give advice on modifying your shotgun; ya see they do alot of skeet and trap shooting and think there way is the only way.
as for a pistol grip you are right in thinking a m-4 style stock system i have modify ed my shotgun in the same style. some of us just like to go blow the heck out of things. i put on a Phoenix recoil reduction stock on one of my Mossberg's for that very reason and no it don't hurt my wrist when i shoot it - in fact my small framed wife loves it, she says it don't hurt no more!!
oh and one more thing: most people try and stay away from pistol grips they say it is better to shoulder the weapon...i agree!! the only reason to have a pistol grip with out a stock is to scare the hell out of people while you rob the local convenience store. you really have no control of the shotgun like that IMO. if you joined this board for advice on SHTF of eotwawk you really came to the wrong place ....other than that welcome to the firing line forums. there are plenty of people here with loads of knowledge that is very beneficial.

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