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JK Holman,
I'm afraid that you are offering two conflicting pieces of advice.
1. don't listen to the guys telling you to buy an AR15.
2. listen the the members here that know more about the subject than I do.

many of the members suggesting other models have a fairly acceptable level of experience with both models to offer an educated referral. those that are suggesting other models like 22lrs, SKS, and AR15s are doing so because of personal experience and are making suggestions based on what they see as the necessities of a first time gun buyer.

these models are all easier to maintain and aside from the SKS all have lighter recoil which helps keep the new owner from developing a flinch. buying a gun just because you want it is a horrible idea so several reasons. educating yourself on what features you like and then picking a design that best fits those aesthetics is how you buy a gun that you love.

I wanted an AK more than anything a few years back, there was no deterring me so I bought one. a AKM for $800 just after the 09 election, didn't matter to me, I was in the military and had guaranteed paychecks it was no biggy. but once I actually held it, shot it, and having to clean it ever month regardless of shooting because of rust buildup I started to seriously regret buying it. I spent 3 years trying to get it to a point where I was happy with it aesthetically and practically and finally sold it at a loss, I have never once suffered sellers remorse and it is the only gun I've sold or traded away that I haven't had remorse over losing. I can seriously say that keeping your options open is a wise decision for a new gun buyer that wants to be satisfied with his first purchase. the last thing you want is to get stuck with a POS just because it's what you thought you wanted.
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