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Thanks everyone, it is very bonny up here and I certainly dont take it for granted. I am going to take Unclenicks advice and look into the science of the projectile part a bit more to combat windy days and ohhh lord we do get some

On a windy day you are going to get drift on your shot but the wind helps with the stalk too so its good and bad really. On a flat calm day in the winter here an hour before dark you can walk out the hill with the wind on your back and as dusk comes in and the cold air its swung right round by 180 deg and is then on your face. Its good to know the habbits of the land your working.

On the rifle front I think I am going to get one for sure but the 308 Tikka is staying with me and I'll take Unclenicks advice and improve the loads and practice to get a good relationship going with the rifle. The 7mm is a possibility for a second but if the 308 is as heavy a rifle I need for red stalking then there is no need to go bigger really. The 223 or a 22-250 is a strong contender I think but I'll need to check the laws in Scotland to see if its legal to cull deer with these as there is a min legal caliber. How do the 223 and the 22-250 compare together. I know someone who swears by his 22-250 and its a fast fast bullet I'm led to believe with a flat trajectory
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