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If he's a good person, a gun increases his power to defend himself and others.
The real issue is that it is something that can be useful for ordinary people to have and know how to use; it is something that has been useful to ordinary people; and it's something that ordinary people have used responsibly for worthwhile purposes.
These words are very true. Another argument that I see often is the "If it only saves one person" debate. As you said, a gun's intended design qualities do not necessarily matter if the purpose of the design is still a projectile launching tool. However, that does not change the thinking that the intended design is specifically to kill mass numbers of people in short periods of time.

Regardless of our thoughts on the design, which are still pertinent to the argument, a firearm is still capable of doing bad things in a bad man's hands, but good things in a good man's hands. So, while it is possible to say that banning a specific weapon might benefit the mass populace on the basis that one person is every bit as important as every other person, it is equally as prudent to say that the mass populace would gain so much more benefit from good men keeping and bearing those same firearms.

There have been multiple studies showing, or at least attempting to show, that the amount of deaths caused by firearms is far outnumbered by the potential amount of violent crimes deterred by firearms. Given that information, murdering, especially of the mass variety, seems as though it is not the overall main purpose of firearms, and certainly not the priority in design.

To me, it appears that guns are far more suited for defense. Unfortunately, there will always be bad men in the world, but why should we give up our ability to be a good man with a gun when the ability to be a bad man with a gun will never go away?
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