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remind me to stay away from colorado, those guys must not know anything about ARs.
unless you are dealing with caliber conversions or highly disreputable build it yourself kits(blackthorn) then I can't imagine so many people having so many problems with an AR, it's a simple, well thought out design that though it does have it's drawbacks like any other design, the advantages far outweigh them. between military service and short lived gun enthusiast recent years I've shot ever a dozen AR/M16s and half a dozen AKs, I have yet to find a single AK that is more reliabile and more accurate, even at 25 yards than even the worst quality AR15 I've tried.

as for lighter, unless you are talking about 24 inch bull barreled target ARs then I'm calling BS. a bone stock AR carbine fully loaded is way lighter than a bone stock AK, hands down. if morons start slapping on lasers, flashlights, red dots, magnifiers, bipods and pistol grips then yeah the AK is lighter.

the beauty of the AR is if you don't like the plastic and ergos you can easily trade it out. I have an AR with wood furniture instead of plastic, I have another with aluminum free floated handguard, if there's something you don't like change it, a feat that even with all the mall ninja accessories available today, the AK still can't claim with 100% certainty.
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