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From all I've read though, 777 and compression don't mix, so watch out for that.
The way I read it is that light compression not to exceed .100 is recommended...However "Do not heavily compress powder charges" is correct....

Triple Seven In Cartridges: Use data specifically developed for Triple Seven FFG only. Cartridge loads should be used exactly as listed in this pamphlet. You may safely use a card or polyethylene wad up to .030" in thickness to protect the base of the bullet. Loading density should be 100% with light compression not to exceed .100". Testing has shown that Triple Seven will perform best when the bullet just touches the powder. Allow no airspace between the base of the bullet and the powder. Do not reduce loads by means of filler wads or inert filler material such as Grits, Dacron or Grex. Do not heavily compress powder charges. The use of filler wads, inert fillers or heavy compression may cause a dangerous situation, which could cause injury and/or death to the shooter, bystanders or damage property. Do not create loads for cartridges not listed. Contact Hodgdon Powder Company for recommendations concerning other loads. *See WARNINGS below.
WARNING: Never allow an air space in any cartridge loaded with Pyrodex (THIS SHOULD INCLUDE TRIPLE SEVEN - BRAD). The loading density must be 100% by light compression. 100% loading density may be accomplished in two ways:

The case is filled with powder to a level that will provide light compression of the powder (1/16" to 1/8") when the bullet is seated.
Bottle necked cases must be loaded in this manner.

In straight walled cases, filler wads may be used to reduce the powder charge. This is done by inserting card or Polyethylene wads between the base of the bullet and the powder. Wads should be sized to the internal diameter of the cartridge case. The loader must be careful to insure that there are no void spaces in the assembled cartridge. NEVER use any other type of filler material. Be careful as loads are reduced. At some point, the bullet will fail to exit the bore.

When loading cartridges with Pyrodex or Triple Seven, you may use a powder measure designed for smokeless powders. Learn more.
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