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Call the local RedWing dealer, ask if they have the foot pressure sensor. If so, go there - it's a device that you stand on, it measures and displays the pressure points of your feet. Each person has a ratio of pressure on the toes, ball, arch and heel.

They can recommend various 'footbeds' (insoles) that support your entire foot, based on how your feet are supporting your weight. Try them out, and if the first pair of insoles don't work out as well as you hoped, go back and talk to them - they can set you up with a slightly different pair based on your results.

I'm a RedWing fan, because 'making you comfortable' is their business. I think my boots were $145 and the insoles were $60, and worth every cent.

Another route is ergomates - it is essentially a 'wearable' anti-fatigue mat that straps on to your boot.. My employer supplied a set for me to use, you can buy them for around $60 on line.
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