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The Encore and Pro Hunter are the same, only difference is you can't switch barrels on the Pro Hunter.

The T/C packaged sabots are made by Hornady. They shoot great. I have 3 T/C rifles. A Black Diamond, Encore and Triumph. All 3 like the same load and sabot. Mine prefer a 250 gr sabot and 120 gr powder. I use T7 magnum pellets (60 gr each) for easy, quick reloading in the field. Where I hunt, I have taken many deer out 200 yds and beyond. I've tested every sabot and powder combination possible and this is what these guns seem to "like".

I also prefer the Barnes Spit-Fire TMZ, MZ, or Expander MZ in 250 gr for hunting. Being solid copper, they have rapid expansion but yet hold together so there's no fragmentation in the meat and deadly on game. I like a sabot that is quite tight fitting in the barrel. A sabot you can load with one hand do not give me the accuracy I want.

I also like the Winchester T/7 209 primers. They are "toned down" a bit from a regular shotgun 209 primer. A regular shotgun 209 will work but it was discovered early after it's introduction as a BP ignition, they were a bit too hot. Some experienced pellet and sabot "jump" in the barrel just prior to powder ignition.

I like to swab the barrel between each shot (even in the field) with 2 or 3 pre-soaked patches followed by a few dry ones before loading. This has proven to give me superior accuracy and each shot is the same. I've found there is a bit of plastic left behind from the sabot and it's easiest to get out while the barrel is still warm. If you hunt in freezing weather, keep a dozen pre-soaked patches in a Skoal can in your pocket.

If this gun is new it may need time to settle in a bit. 2 of my 3 shot perfect right out of the box. The 3rd gave me fits in the beginning. After I shot about a box of sabots, it "broke in" finally and shot great. All I'm saying is if you experience this, keep shootin!

This "formula" should give you 1 inch groups @ 100 yds. (or even better depending on the shooter).

Good luck and let me know how you do!

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