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might have overlooked that if they hadnt fixed the barrel. 'cause you hear about shotgun barrels coming flying off all the time.....
due to their design, the only way Ithaca barrels can come "flying off" is if someone twists the mag tube nut, which is locked in place by a spring loaded ball bearing and indents on the face of the nut and then rotating the barrel 90 degrees AFTER the slide moves the bolt mechanism back out of battery. The barrel cannot rotate with the extractors in the barrel cutouts

Ithacas are not for everyone / every situation. What they are is a precision shotgun, that due to their light weight are a joy to carry. The are a niche firearm.

Your scenerio is a prime example of simply needing a Remington 870. Pick yourself up a combo set, or a used one and get the extra barrels.
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