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That Fusion ammo is very good... but the .243 stuff in Fusion is now moly coated, which in my opinion you don't want. And add to that the fact that Fusion in .243 is pretty much non-existent right now.

I did break open a fusion .243 95 grain load. Volumetric and 10x magnification comparisons show the powder to be good old W760 (H414). FWIW...

By way of update... we had a guy at our long range practice shoot yesterday shooting a .243 Ruger American... using Berger 95's and IMR 4350 and he had a Redfield Revolution scope mounted.

He worked the steel all the way out to 1030 yards with that gun, and actually shot better than many of the guys with heavy barreled rifles. And interestingly, the Redfield scope had enough elevation (32 MOA in this case) to dial out to 1030 yards--without an elevated scope base...

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