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Not me, a co-worker- used to hang out at the local LEO off-duty watering hole when he lived down south. Was present when suspect #1 walked in and was immediately 'made' as being there to stick the place up. 12 off-duty ATF agents introduced themselves. They told suspect #1 to come out to the parking lot with them and introduce them to his getaway driver. Guy hems and haws for a minute, then leads them out the back way to the parking lot, where sure enough suspect #2 is sitting in the car with the motor running, wondering what the hell is taking so long. 2 arrests, no shots fired, local PD shows up and picks the felons up- and the ATF guys go back inside to finish their drinks. Those were the days.

Reminds me of the story about the 2 guys in the '70s who tried to rob a bank in NYC. 2 blocks from the Justice Department's New York HQ office. At 4 o'clock. On FBI payday. Heard nothing but the sound of hammers cocking behind them.
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