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What Components did you Find Today? Give up your source if you are stocked up.

I went out today to get a few components in the Northern Cincinnati area. I expected to be come back empty handed but had to get out for a drive.

I managed to purchase 1 of several bricks of primers behind the counter at Target World. I got 1k CCI LR Primers @ $32+Tx which was amazing given the $47 price they had on several boxes of Vance lead pistol bullets I recently paid in the neighborhood of $$35 for. I passed on those and the average of $24 lb for powder they had in limited supply. (I hate going into this place, I get a sharp acidic taste in my mouth, but at least they had some supplies.)

I then went up to South Lebanon to the Country Attic and found the powders I have been wanting. HP38 and Universal at $20 a pound. They had little to no bullets for pistol or rifle, but a good supply of BR-4 and LPM primers.

Had a good trip overall and plan to start my first work on a new project in 30-30 WCF loading tomorrow.

Hope this helps.
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