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Questions on loading 200gr FP Xtreme bullets

Alright this may have been beat to death but I couldnt find what I was looking for so Ill ask. I am loading for my Ruger P97 and Im running into some OAL concerns. Probably a dumb question but Im seeing alot of OAL data for 200gr loads in the 1.22 on up to 1.24 range. With the plunk test in my barrel anything over 1.18 is staying in the barrel and not falling out via gravity. Am I doin something wrong in my loading process i.e. the 3rd and 4th stage where it seats and crimps??

Bullets: 200 grain FN plated Xtreme bullets

Loader: Dillon SBD

Brass: Various once fired and new Starline

Thanks for any help...
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