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Brown bess on the way!

Hello all,

After picking up the kentucky, the hawken and then the Uberti Walker I started to feel like there was a gap in my bp arsenal. I have wanted a smoothbore for a long time, and finally found one that I could afford from a member of this forums. I have just purchased a brown bess carbine and am looking forward to getting my hands on it.
So with all this being said, it is now time to pester everyone about what I may need for this new purchase. The members of this forum have been a blessing to me in figuring out my new hobby turned obscession. I don't know hardly anyone that shoots bp and most of my friends do nothing but ridicule me for my new interest. There is no way to explain how grateful I am for all the help you folks have provided.
I have most of the neccesary items for shooting my other guns, but I would like to turkey hunt with this gun and would love more information in regards to how to measure and setup shot loads for game. I have no idea where to obtain shot or any other things associated with this process, so any info would be great.
I would also like to know more about round ball size/patching combinations. I'm sure my hawken will be my go to roundball shooter, but I will definately want to toy around with this as well in the bess.
In general, I would just love any information that you guys could provide in regards to these guns. If you have any experience about what loads these guns prefer or what equipment I need to buy, I would be grateful for it. Thank you very much
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