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welcome aboard. If you are asking about an AK-47, forget what some are telling you about AR-15's. If it is an AK, then get an AK.
As to those telling you that now is not the time to buy military type semi-automatic rifles & carbines, they are correct. Prices are outrageous. Wait for things to calm down (may take awhile).
Here is my small contribution: I have an AKM. Most of what people refer to as an AK-47 are actually AKM's. This makes a difference to me because if I were looking for and asking for an AK-47 I would not settle for an AKM. Do they operate the same? Yes. Are they the same? Yes and no. Make sure you research the history and design of the Kalashnikov rifle so that you gain a better understanding about what you are shopping for.
It is more than just semantics for me. When I spoke to the seller on the telephone about the rifle he was advertising on the trading post (five years ago, about), I specifically told him I wanted an AKM (most people do not care). He backtracked and owned to me that his was not an AK-47, but an AKM. I bought it at his asking price of $350 (the good ole days).
I say this because to my way of thinking an actual AK-47 would be worth more than an AKM because they are fewer in number. By the way, my AKM is of Polish manufacture.
DBoy007, there are people here who know much more about this firearm than I do (I hardly fire mine; will not sell it). It is a fine weapon and you will like it alot, especially when the ammunition prices for it get back to normal. I just want you to be aware of the real differences in the two models of the same rifle and you get what you really want. The AR-15 is a fine rifle, but you sound like you really want a Kalashnikov.
Listen to the guys on these forums who know their stuff and do your homework.
Good luck.
- JKHolman
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