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There are 1000's of Winchester model 12's languishing on gun store shelves. Other than collectible guns, field models can be had for less than 300.00
Not around here - $400 and up for beaters - but these are pawn shops

Look at the latest ATF data showing 2011 production. The link is still floating around this thread.
I'd like to see that data - post a link if you can

Mossberg made ZERO shotguns in Connecticut in 2011. They assembled 423,570 shotguns in Texas in 2011.
It was my understanding that the barrels for Mavericks were made in Mexico and those guns were assembled in Eagle's Pass, TX but that the others (not imported from Turkey) were made in CT

I have had one for over 20 years and it was made in North Haven.
If it says "Made in the USA", or similar, then it is made here - maybe from imported parts, but no different than US cars - Chryslers make more in Mexico and Canada, where the Jap ones are mostly made here.

As previously mentioned, when price is the only consideration, and folks buy the Chinese/Russian/Turkish/Brazilian cheap imports, our folks will respond with the likes of the Express and Maverick
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