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Originally Posted by tahunua001
I would just like to point out that man sized target at 100 yards is not a particularly difficult challenge regardless of model and caliber.
Originally Posted by stmichps
At a 100m I find it hard to believe that most if not all those that have posted to this thread couldn't hit a man sized target (in semi-auto) with a AK47 or a SKS, I know I can.
It depends on whether that man sized target is trying to kill you or is a piece of paper on the nice safe square range.

You may be surprised at how difficult of a challenge it is when that 100 yard target is shooting back at you.

it is sounds like there are more than a few internet commandos here that have never "seen the elephant" ...

There's a HUGE difference between hitting that man-sized target at 100M while it's shooting back at you, and shooting at paper on the nice square range.

A man sized target at even 500 meters is not particularly difficult with either platform on the range. It's also not real practical with either platform in the real world where the target is moving, shooting back at you, and ducking behind cover just like you are.

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