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Are you talking about using the bullet comparator with the OAL Gauge?

As noted you are measuring the distance from the case head to the bullet ogive. Did you using the same bullet that you are now reloading? If you got 2.953 and then subtracted 0.04 then your reloads should measure 2.913. If not then your reloads are too long. Key is you have to take the measurements using the same bullet you are using to reload. The bullets may be going into the chamber but are touching the lands or may be getting pushed back by the lands. Chamber one of the reloads and then re-measure it.

Resizing has nothing to do with seating the bullet in the final step. You need to screw the seater stem down until you get the 2.913.

Now if you are talking about the headspace gauge that is a different story.
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