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Mine happened Tuesday as a matter of fact. At the hair salon, no less.
I wear my DB 9mm IWB around on the back hip area. Nicely concealed by my shirts and blouses.
Tuesday, however... I was in for my 5 week trim and color, and after leaving the wash bowl and getting back to the chair, it seems there was leftover color and water on the back of the cape they put on you.
My stylist, in taking off the cape, dumped water down the back of my shirt. It was sudden and cold, so naturally I jumped forward and was just going to let my shirt soak it up. At the same time she reaches out, yanks the back of my shirt straight up and starts drying the water from my back.
I figured there was no sense in me making a scene, since she was standing behind me, and the fact I was in the chair and she was the only person that could see that I was carrying. So I let her finish, and she did, never saying a word about my gun, I sat back and we resumed with my hair.....For about 30 seconds. She then leans down and whispers to me and asks what kind of big gun was I was carrying.. I told her a 9mm. She smiled and whispered back that is was big compared to the 22 she carried! lol Go figure

My wife was self conscious about carrying in the salon she frequents until she got into a conversation with her stylist and learned that she and pretty much all the women in the salon carry as do a lot of the customers.
Hate to see what would happen if some jackwagon went in there intending to make trouble.
"When the Going gets Weird the Weird Turn Pro"
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