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You're welcome. I wanted to bring that to your attention because there are some higher BC's available in some 7 mm bullets. Also, a lot of 6.5 mm bullets have high BC's, which is why the 6.5-284 Norma became a darling of the F-Class 1000 yard shooters. They can scoot a 142 grain Matchking out fast enough to match the magnum .30's with much heavier bullets without incurring more recoil than a .308. Sometimes they are referred to as "laser-like", but be aware the penalty for pushing larger quantities of slower powder down a narrower bore is about half the peak accuracy bore life of a .308.

Use the ballistics calculators at the free on line JBM Ballistics site already linked to. At the bottom of the page is a stability calculator if you are unsure about the combination of a particular bullet with a particular barrels rifling pitch.
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