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What I hate, is when someone buys a semi-auto pistol for their carry and home protection piece, after selling their revolver(they don't jam). Then they put ammo IN it, CARRY it, HANDLE it, SHOW IT OFF, for many years, then try to sell it as new, wanting a 'mint' price!
They say "It's unused, I never fired it! Is is brand new, never fired!" I think its CRAZY! For 1: you "used" it even if it wasn't fired by you. 2: Because you NEED to make sure a semi-auto is going to function correctly with the ammo you have for it, in case something bad DOES happen! And you need to practice anyway, to see where the sights have the bullets impacting. And you can train, to get used to the details of using the firearm! Like IF you have a jam, do you think a criminal is going to wait while you clear the jam?!
When a guy attempted rob me with a pistol, he was within reach, so i went hand to hand combat mode, disabled his hand and pistol, then drew my concealed SIG.40cal(I know it's overkill), and hit him hard right in the temple, KO'd.
I called the cops(thank The LORD for cell phones!) they came, he went to jail to await trial. You MUST be very familiar with every one of your firearms, and your ability!
Be safe and GOD Bless you and Our United States!
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