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Colt King Cobra 4" Stainless

I just picked up a 4" Stainless Colt King Cobra. Nice Colts are difficult to find in California, so I jumped on this when I saw it in my local gunshop. I probably paid a bit too much, but am glad I did and would have regretted missing out.

It's definitely used, but looks well cared for.

The weight and balance are near perfect, and fit great in my hand. Semi-autos have always beat out revolvers for me in ergonomics, but this really the odds. The double action isn't as smooth as my newer S&W performance center, but the single action feels excellent.

It came with a shoulder holster that I don't have much use for, but the manual for the holster had a receipt tucked inside dated November 1989. Wikipedia tells me the King Cobra was introduced in 1986, so I'm guessing this is an 80's model.

This is my first Colt, and may not be my last.

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