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I really would not, I really could not

make a choice for someone else.

What out asking,

would you, could you in the dark,
would you, could you hit your mark.

I could go on but there is a point driven by some here.

Before giving advise, it would be wise to ask some quesitons.

If they are going to put it up and never look at it for 3 years, then any gun is a bad choice. It carries all the risk with little upside-most of us understand that during an emergency, there is little time to practise.

If she is interested enough and have funds enough, then they need to decide what feels most comfortable to her.

I saw a video of a girl trying out all the advise from her family. the pistol was off the mark, the shotgun scared her so badly after 1 shot, she couldn't keep shooting. The AR, was a 8 out of 10 and she loved it. But that was her.

If she really isn't into guns, then I too, would vote for mace and taser, and in that order.

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