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I understand where jrinne is coming from, but I feel what I did was not to try and escalate the level of violence but to deter a situation from occurring. Yes I did brandish a firearm, in as safe a manner as I think I possibly could have done, but this guy drove recklessly to begin with, and even tried to cause an accident before exiting his vehicle mid-traffic. This activity alone put the lives of those kids in danger so he had already escalated the level of violence to a life-threatening situation. I can only see one other alternative for me, since I had been blocked from merely driving away from the situation as Dragline pointed out, would be to get out of the car to continue on with the physical altercation. I've been training at an MMA gym in boxing, BJJ, and at a separate gym in krav maga for the past several years so I know I could have easily put this guy down but then what? The police would arrive and possibly have charged both of us with disorderly conduct for fighting in the middle of the street, and then I'd be out of a CHL and thereby forfeiting my right to responsibly carry concealed and ruining any chance of getting into professional school, which is what I'm currently trying to do. Or if I had waited for him to smash my windows in and forcibly try to remove me from my vehicle then what? Use lethal force because I feel at that point my life is in danger? which is pretty damn justifiable at that point in my opinion. But then I'd end up in the awful situation of having to use my firearm. I'm inclined to agree with Peacefulgary, I'm merely trying to prevent a situation from occurring not escalate the scenario. By letting him approach my window I would have then allowed the scenario to be escalated as well. Not trying to lash out at jrinne just trying to say that I feel that my options to peacefully quell the situation at that point had been exhausted.
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