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I recommend a revolver in .38 special or .357 magnum, with a 4" barrel.

Here'a why:

The revolver is more reliable than the autoloader.

Even the most reliable autoloader can have a bullet related failure (failure to feed, failure to eject, hard primer, dud round).

And if she is not going to have the time to practice clearing a failure til it is instinctive and very fast, then the revolver is going to be more reliable.

Question....For all the men who continue to recommend wheelguns for the fairer sex, what is YOUR go to gun for home/self defense?

The very reason this is my go to gun instead of one my autoloaders is because I know that I don't practice clearing drills near enough.

And I've experienced and seen way too many autoloaders choke when firing to feel comfortable staking my life on one.
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