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My only point was that the Tikka shouldn't cost more than a Savage, or a MDL 700, or a Howa, not that it was in any way inferior, just over priced IMO.

I think the Savage, Tikka, and Vantage are ingenious modern designs. I honestly think Sako cut more corners, than the others, but didn't pass on as much stuff in the receiver. I should probably get over it, but drilled out bar stock. just bothers me. MDL 700 is similar, but looks more, well traditional.

I have had Mdl700's without any issues, was real fond of them. In 1976, I started shooting and reloading my first centerfire magnum rifle. A MDL700 I found at going out of business sale at Gibson's deptment store, in Gulfport,Ms. $119, They had an Interarms MKX, in 7MAG also, for the same price. I thought the MDL 700 was all there was then. These rifles will or can be made to do anything you want them to. A 700 can with some smithing be made competitive with anything. You can also buy a rifle, for not too much more than you spent on upgrading, a rifle that will do what you want, as is.

The rifle I ended up with, yep it cost almost $2000, would have if there was sales tax in Montana, first group down the bore with first stab handloads could be covered with a dime. I'm snowbirding on the MS coast, the Siberia of rifle supplies, so I have had to do everything from scratch. I was surprised and delighted. I know it sounds like I'm boasting, but I always wanted a very accurate varmint type rifle, I now I have one and am learning how to use it. I studied many rifles, and bought the one I wanted in just the chambering I wanted to play with, 6.5-284 Norma.
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