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Just coinstar'd this bucket of change I've been saving for 4 yrs...

And found out my oatmeal bucket was worth over $600!!! So I took it to my lgs to turn it into a .357 and was debating between a blued ruger gp100 and a nickel finish s&w 686 both 4". They only had one 686 6" and not the mirror finish I woulda payed the extra $$ for so gp100 it was. Looked for the 4" then I saw this Wiley clapp I'm about to figure out how to post pics for the second I bring it home. To be honest I didn't know this version of the gun even existed but after seeing and holding it I had to have it even tho it was for s&w $$ and after some research it was apparently a great buy. This delay thing is killing me though..
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