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If only one press, the Lee Classic Turret.

Lee Classic Turret will load all the calibers you named, and even longer ones. For the rifle calibers remove the auto-indexing rod and use it as a single stage. For the higher-volume pistol calibers, use the auto-indexing and it is second only to a progressive press in speed. (Lee Precision is the only maker who offers auto-indexing in their turret presses.)

Turret swaps are faster than on any other press, too, bar none.

If you will have more than one press, the RCBS RockChucker has been the standard most well-known (and, probably for that reason, the one against which all others are compared) and it is still great. But the Lee Classic Cast single stage handles spent primers better and is said to be just as strong. But Lyman, Hornady and others are just as strong and all also offer lighter-weight presses that cost less and work just as well with a little less leverage or rigidity.

In addition to the single stage, a Turret or progressive to take care of your higher-volume shooting can be used. If you have calibers for which you need more that 200 rounds per hour, a progressive will be needed.

More specific recommendations will depend on more specific outlining of your needs (and budget, space, etc).

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