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Dragline45, believe what you want. Making a statement like that about someone you've never met is ridiculous!!! You don't know any history about me or my up bringing. Do you know the laws and conservation of Scotland. Maybe shooting Calves in America is illegal is it ?? I don't know.....

We have a certain head count of stags and hinds to cull per estate over here. My father is a Gamekeeper and I've been shooting since I was 6....I'm 35 in 3 weeks...believe me I shot 2 hinds and a calf that evening. Why would I lie ???

The hind that I said I wounded as it turned out once we got her home and inspected the beast from inside it was a killing shot and she wasn't going much further but I took the 300 yard shot as a security measure. It was getting dark and another 50 yard run and she was going to be over the hill and out of sight.
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