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I will assume this was a male against male, one wanting to fight the other. Don't see the disparity in force to justify the drawing of the gun however; I was not there.
I could not disagree more.

If you think that one male, even an unarmed one, can't be a deadly threat to you then you are completely wrong.
Your opponent might knock you out with one blow....and then proceed to kick and stomp you to death.

I once radiographed a man who was beaten by another unarmed man.
He struggled and was knocked down and his attacker just continued to kick him in the face and back.
He lost one eyeball, most of his teeth, suffered kidney damage and permanent spinal damage.
In one "fist fight" with one unarmed man his life was changed forever.
Now, and for the rest of his life, he will be partially blind and suffer back pain and need to use dentures to eat hard food.
Not to mention the psychological damage.
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