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Handler, I dont really get your point. Why are you even trying to compare $400 rifles to $2K rifles? I know my Chevrolet is not a Mercedes Benz, but I dont want a Mercedes Benz. I have some custom built bench rest rifles that I am confident would hurt your feelings. I also have a pile of Savages, Remingtons, Winchesters, Weatherby MarkV's and Vanguards, Howas's, Cz's, surplus Mausers, and my newest addition a Ruger American. They all have their place and function. I enjoy shooting every one of them. The American is more accurate than any of my 9 Mark V's. I would put several of those Savages up against anything of equal weight. They are ugly but very accurate at 1k yards. For the record, I think Ruger's M77 quality is sub par to an import made from beer cans. I had a .22-250 m77 with a bent action. I have one of their 6ppc's that is supposed to be a factory bench rest rifle that wont hit crud. Its literally a 3/4" at 100 rifle. That flat sucks for what the rifle is supposed to be. I plan on re-barreling it later this year.

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