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He then proceeded to get out and started yelling at me "Am I in your way now??" followed by a string of cuss words and racial slurs. He started poundig on the hood of my car yelling for me to get out
I glad things worked out.
But I think you should have drawn your weapon and chambered a round when he first jumped out of his car.
After all, suppose he had jumped out and started shooting in to your windshield with a handgun of his own, and your pistol still under the seat with the slide locked to the rear?

I'm not attacking you, and it's easy to be a "Monday morning quarterback", but you let the guy get out, run to your car, and start pounding on the hood and you still hadn't reached for your weapon.

We often feel safe while we're inside our cars with our doors locked, but with the possibility of guns involved you're definitely not safe at all.

Again, I'm glad things worked out.
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